Greetings dear reader,

This website blog is created to provide insights and opinions regarding the current status of the stock market. The market is a pretty daunting place and many, including me in the past, have struggled to get to know it better. There were many predicaments and hesitations back then. I understand that many wanted to go in the market and invest but don’t know how and how the process is going to like. In this site, I will be sharing my insights about the market situation, my opinions as well to provide some educational materials on how to evaluate and market. This shall include the fundamentals of the market and as well as the technical component. Yes, that correct..the Fundamentals and the Technicals. Those two terms are very important in gaining a profitable margin in the course of investing. At the very basics, fundamental analysis is like getting to know the company you are going to invest. It is like getting know a person or a group of individuals working for that particular company and how that company is being managed. Management is key as a good leadership in a company as it will lead it to its peak. As my MBA professor say before investing in one company, you should be asking yourself “Is that company now be more relevant in the future”. If your answer is simply yes and have done your research based on its metrics, then you are now ready for the technicals.

Technical analysis is a set of metrics chosen to help one when to enter the stock market at the most favorable time. As you see, the market is a heck of a crazy place to be. Today the price may be high and tomorrow you will be amazed that it has dropped. You should know too that the market is made up of people. Yes people, like you and me, investing by bargaining for a price. Everyone bargains for a reason. All of us have have standards and have different ways of viewing value. Furthermore, the market has its own emotions meaning that it has a mood. If a huge majority of investors or traders have a pessimistic overview of the market then the trend will go down as prices go down. If the market looks very optimistic, then it will rise up. That is how it really is! It is very moody at an unpredictable times. These factors are constantly being evaluated using technical analysis. Whilst it is not 100% correct, it can help decide when to buy or sell at stock. So, in short, it is a guide and its meaning is left to be interpreted by the trader.

I wont really keep this long and this is just my first blog. Again, welcome and I hope that you will find this blog entertaining at the same time gain valuable insights about investing towards a bright future.


Technicharts team.

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