A small secret about success

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

– Albert Einstein 

The above quote has recently been my favourite and today I would like to discuss about applying that particular statement in life.  First, I’d like to take your imaginations when you were a student at school.  Did you remember a scenario wherein you were taking your final exam or a term exam?  What was your goal then?  For me, during those times, my goal is to get as high a score as much as I could and be on top somehow. The exams were usually in a multiple choice format.

It feels good to get a high score right? But lets try to reverse the scenario and we didn’t do well.  We feel bad and a shade of mundaneness colour our world.  We felt bad because we felt our training or studying for a particular time has betrayed us through a game of pen and a paper exam. 

Alright, snap out of it right now and get back to the present.  Now I will tell you this folks…there is not a single significant problem in this world that was solved by a minute of solving a multiple choice question!! THATS TRUE.

Were the Wright brothers able to fly the first plane in just under minute solving MCQ exam?   Can the current pandemic be solved by a flick of a pen to write it out just once?  Was the famous app Facebook created by choosing whether the correct answer an A, B, C or a D?   Has malaria even been fully eradicated? Have we defeated poverty?   Obviously its a No to all.    

These world problems take significant amount time and so much more so than in a minute.  

On, the contrary, if one thinks of an idea of building a company in a minute that was considered correct by peers will only get you a feeling of approval. However, you will most likely fail.  

In order to find success you will take much more time off planning, at times failing to get to the desired destination.  It might be painful to fail but failure gives you more experience, more resiliency and motivation to be successful. How? Everytime you fail..look back… look back, stay with it for a time. Take your time. Ponder about it. If you stay with it for a longer time by taking efforts to solve it ..someday you will get there. 

 If you ignore to solve failure then success will fail to recognise you.  Ignore it more, the more you will succumb to failure. Success is not about eating midnight supper to get you back to sleep. The supper is to your energy to get back on your toes to move forward and not to retire. 

Success is served with hot packs of failures, tribulations, hardships with loads of effforts.  So what’s the connection with all these in the fundamentals of investing? Simple, do your effort in research. 

The more you research about a company, its management team, their product and the perception of the stakeholders, the more you get to know where it is going to be in the future.  It takes time, effort and skill.  Choosing the right company to invest in can be rewarded by time multiplied by the quality of your effort to do so and further multiplied by honing a set of skills necessary to complete a task.  

Skills can be honed in many ways. In order to invest successfully, you have to invest in yourself first. The good thing is that it does not have to be undergoing a term exam like most of us did during school years.  Start connecting with people in LinkedIN or in other social media apps, give a talk, have a mentor or write your ideas. If you can’t find any, go amd ask for advise. I learned a lot from my career in healthcare by asking. If I didn’t ask, I would be so limited to my own world falsely claiming that I know a lot. 

In order for one to stay with the problem longer, you have to be somehow emotionally connected with the problem.  Motion causes emotion and the passion from emotion enables one’s drive to stay with the problems longer exposing the mind to solve problems. 

I’ll cite a personal example.  I have an old car to which I think is emotionally valuable to me. I love to drive it than the newer cars for some particular reason. I seem to connected to it in a way. One day, it was not starting well. I went to some mechanic and they couldn’t help me at all. I felt bad.  That emotion gave me the driving force to solve the problem even though when everyone thinks its not a big deal. 

I researched persistently, day and night whenever Im not busy. I just didn’t care at all and searched, searched and searched. I searched Youtube, read tons of articles and the problem lingered in my head.  Within a few days, I learned so much about the a car’s fuel system that if people ask me about it they would mistake me for an expert mechanic. 

I tried searching online for the particular car part and ordered one only to find out that it didn’t fit.  I was disappointed but I didn’t simply gave up. 

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you“- Steve Jobs

I tried asking several websites and online stores but they just couldn’t give an answer as to why it didn’t fit. 

At that point, I remembered Steve Jobs. His quote was “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.” I lingered with those words for a time being and I seemed to agree with him. 

So I researched and cross-checked every part that I could find. I enthusiastically spent hours and hours of doing research. I was just  so…so into it finding the answer when no one couldn’t give one. 

“If you don’t like it, life’s too short. If you like what you’re doing, you think about it even when you’re not working. It’s something that your mind is drawn to, and if you don’t like it, you just can’t make it work.”

– Ellon Musk

Since I’m thinking about car parts, I remembered Ellon Musk in his quote “If you don’t like it, life’s too short. If you like what you’re doing, you think about it even when you’re not working. It’s something that your mind is drawn to, and if you don’t like it, you just can’t make it work.”

After searching endlessly, I found a car part and I think it matches. However, all the websites stated that the particular car part does not fit at all and buying it was at all being foolish. 

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

– Steve Jobs

I was so convinced I found the right car part even though the whole world disagreed with me.  I just didn’t care with what they say. Period.  I thought about the car part up to its very element that composed it like NO one else would!  And I believe that they are no smarter than me as I am no smarter to them. 

So I bought it, not to prove that others were wrong nor to state that I was better. I simply just wanted my car to run just like before. Plain and simple.  

And so I fitted it DIY, it worked! And it ran like a dream. 

So my simple example here shows how such day to day successes can be employed with a similar experience and effort  about investing or starting a new company. It takes great passion no matter how simple or complicated it may be.  Your future is never defined on how much score you made in your term exam, rating or approval unless you linger with such imaginary failure you were never destined to be. 

Success can be just within your reach only if you can stay with its problems long enough. 

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